Content Management for your Website

When you want a page added or changed on your website, what do you do? Do you open your web browser, go to your website, open the page you want to edit, make your changes and save them... and now it's on your Website? If you answered no your website is probably not running a Content Management System... or you may not have a Website. In either case, we can assist you in many ways.

We can make updating your Website as easy as typing a Word document. Your Website tells your story and you should be in control of it. You know your company better than anyone and you know exactly how your story should read. Our goal is to help you get the control you need.

Benefits of Concrete5 CMS on Your Website

Easy to Use

You can easily change content on your website right in your Browser. Concrete5 makes it simple, login, click edit and make changes. It's really that easy! When it comes to SEO, concrete5 gives you tools to easily change and update meta data on your pages and images. You can do it all from your favorite web browser.

No Creative Limits

Concrete5 is made to fit on most any scale and design. Websites created for use in concrete5 can meet any design need from classic html up to html5/css. By keeping the content completely separate from the design, concrete5 allows designers un-matched flexibility and allows content expert to focus on the creation content. The concrete5 marketplace is available with many tested, reliable add-in applications and website design themes. Many are free! The community forums give any level designer or editor an amazing amount of no cost help.

Cost Effective

The concrete5 core is completely open source... in other words Free! With the core, your webdesigner(s) can build virtually anything you want. With add-ins from the marketplace you can find the solution you need quickly and use it secure in the knowledge that it is tested, proven technology. Buying an add-in or themes is a one-time cost per-site. There are recurring fees or upgrade purchases required.

Are You Ready to Get Going?

If you have a hosting account, we can see if it is capable of running concrete5 and help you get it installed and running. We also offer, fast, reliable website hosting for extremely competitive prices. We can have your site running concrete5 quickly and effectively.